Later Works

These are some of my later works in stone and wood.IMG_0034

100_0280 “Ecstasy” 2005
Sculpted from pink marble from a north Georgia quarry. The nude figure is laying on a large stone with her hair flowing under her.”
Click for more of Ecstasy.
“El Capitan”
This is raw soapstone which has been polished and mounted on a rod which allows the piece to rotate. It reminded me of the famous Ed Capita in the Yosemite National Park
6″H x 7″W


100_0223 “Contemplation”
The stone is polished soap stone. The base is from a dogwood tree. The wood limb to the left is from the river in Sedona.
The small scrap wood was an intriguing piece I found on the Coast of Oregon. The small piece hanging on the limb is a miniature jade Buddha from a piece of jewelry Lynn was discarding.
11″H   Base 12″H
I did this after our trip to Egypt. The stones are scrap pieces from various other works I had completed.
5″H x 4 1/2″W
scan0003 “Window to the World” 2006
The stone is cranberry alabaster purchased from a stone dealer. The original stone was very odd shaped. When I started chiseling, I had no idea what I would do with it.
Creating the “negative space” took weeks to accomplish.
14″H x 12 1/2″ W on a 5″ Base
“Tree” 2007
100_0276 “Pisces” 2007
The fish was carved out of soapstone which is very soft and challenging to control. The small stone is granite from the St. Lawrence Bay.
“Life Basket” 2007
This is a gray limestone from North Carolina. The gem stones in the “basket” are polished stones available at any gem shop.
The concept reflects the people of the world, all different colors, sizes and shapes living together in this good world.
15″H x 7″W
scan0168 “Two Shall Become One” 2007
This was a wedding gift for Justin & Rachel Hollis
“Spirit” 2007
Made from a 5 foot block of Alabama marble. “Spirit” represents the flames of fire that are a major part of the symbol for the United Methodist Church. It has been installed in “Lynn’s Garden” on the campus of Florida Southern College in Lakeland, Fl overlooking Lake Hollingsworth.
100_0278 “Deer” 2009
The base is Arizona slate, the deer horns are from a wild game hunting trip in South West Texas. The stone is alabaster with an Egyptian poem carved into the face.
22″H x 9″W
A small table top piece carved from a piece of Georgia marble.
Gift to Anne Kerr of FSC.
scan0021 “Wonderous”2009
This cross was carved from a piece of Mahogany brought from central America.
It was a gift for Hank Bonar of Jacksonville.
This cross was carved from Oak that was cut down from the base of the tree, hence the interesting pattern in the wood.
scan0202 “Old Rugged Cross” 2009
Carved from a piece of Oak from my sisters place in Waynesville, NC.
Gifted to the Vanguard Sunday School Class at First United Methodist Church in Lakeland, Fl.
“Survivor” 2010
“Survivor” was a very significant work which was finished & gifted to the Lakeland Regional Medical Center’s Cancer treatment center just before my personal bout with Pancreatic cancer in 2010. It is in honor of all who have fought the battle with cancer.
It is a Female torso made from Georgia marble.
scan0205 “Windows to the World” 2010
Gift to Harrison School of the Arts
“Meander” 2010
Gift to Dean & Lisa Hollis”
scan0035 “Shalom” 2011
Carved from a 5 foot piece of walnut from my sisters property.
It was gifted to Stetson University and hangs in Lee Chapel at the Deland, Fl campus.
“Thy Will Be Done” 2012
This was Mark’s Last piece before passing away.The long title for this is “Not My Will But Thy Will Be Done”