Early Works

Mark_workThese are some of my early works in stone and wood.


“Haka MaKura” 2000 My First Piece
After working with my mentor, Nelson Nichols, for a year he gave me this piece of marble, loaned me some tools and said, “go do something.”
Lynn collects “hard pillows,” so, I made her my marble “Haka MaKura.” Later, I read that you should never start sculpting with marble.
100_0230 Untitled 2000
The second piece of stone I ever carved.
3″ x 4 1/2″
“Bear” 2001 Gifted to Barrett Hollis
Red iron stone from Sedona, Az.
3 1/2″ x 5″

100_0226 Untitled 2001
The base is a scrap from a piece of limestone.
The small stone with the inlayed cross, is one Lynn picked up on the shore of the St. Lawrence Bay.
7″ x 5″
Candle Holder 2004
Made from Arizona Red Iron Stone.
7″ x 12 1/2″
100_0219 “Fume” 2002
This is Japanese for “small ship.” It is sculpted from N.C. limestone with an exotic piece of fassil stren top with gem stones on the base.
9″ x 10″
“Mariposa” 2005
Spanish for “Butterfly.” Carved from a shrimp colored alabaster.
The butterfly sits on a piece of granite.
8 1/2″ x 7″ base
100_0214 “Forgiveness” 2006
Carved from one piece of Buckeye Wood.
12″ x 14 1/2″
“Contemplation” 2006
The stone is polished soap stone. The base is from a dogwood tree. The wood limbs to the left is from the river in Sedona. The small scrap wood was a intriguing piece I found on the coast of Oregon. The small piece hanging on the left limb is a miniature jade Buddha from a piece of jewelry Lynn was discarding.
Stone: 11″
Base: 12″
100_0233 Untitled  2002
A branch of a filbert bush in a wooden bowl.
The Gift 2″ 2002
The “Tiger Marble” piece was one of my early creations. The figure represents Mary, the Mother of Jesus. She holds the precious gift of life in her lap.
100_0262 “3 Brothers”   2002
The stone is pink Georgia marble, given to me by a friend in Franklin, N.C. The stones were left over from a fireplace built at his home-place in the 1930’s. These figures represent our three sons.
Click for more of 3 Brothers.
“Garden Visitor” 2002
This was a gift to my sister Marjorie, and her husband Hal Roberts.
scan0057 “Trinity”   2002
This candle holder was a gift to Jack & MaryLee Hollis.
Antarctic Light” 2003
This was a gift to Marylee & Herman Harrell.
scan0072 “The Ship”   2003
This candle & flower holder was a gift to Dean & Lisa Hollis.
Agape” 2003
This was a gift to Sheila & Dave Lucius.
scan0079 “The Gift”   2003
This Oak wooden cross was a gift to Dick & Anna Busing.
28″ tall
“Phoenix” 2003
This was a gift to the Food Marketing Institute.
scan0088 “Steps of Life”   2004
The Granite I got from an abandoned quarry in Marble, North Carolina. The stone has blue stripes running through the pink granite.
This is currently at our house in Lakeland and sits on a base of a large block of coral stone off the S.W. coast of Florida.
“Petals” 2004
The stone is alabaster. The “petals” suggest the petals of the magnolia. On top of the stamen is a glass marble. The petals are opaque, and we like to float candles in the vase.
scan0046a Flower Holder 2”   2004
Emanuel” 2004
This was a gift to Marylee & Herman Harrell
100_0269100_0268 “Eve & Adam”   2004
Eve (top picture) is on one side, Adam (bottom picture) on the other side. The concept was that we all come out of the same spirit that created us. The style is Cubistic. The base is aluminum.
Moyo” 2005
This is pink alabaster I purchased from a stone dealer. This was done to remind us of the African face masks we saw in Africa. Moyo is Swahili for “heart.”
Base: 2″
15″h x 6″w
Click for more of Moyo
100_0247 “Infinity”   2005
This piece was carved from a stone we brought back from Sedona, Az. This is the red rock that surrounds Sedona. The black spots are iron that causes the stone to turn red when it rains. I did this piece to test my skills. It is a very difficult design. Jack & Marylee Hollis now have this piece.
6 1/2″h x 3″w
base: 3 1/2″
Untitled 2005
The bottom is grey marble from Georgia, and the top stone  is a Picasso marble from Utah.
scan0073 “Quest I”   2005
The base was finished with a super smooth surface in an hourglass shape. The small stones are Picasso alabaster from Arizona.
The wood root has several small stones imbedded in the wood. I found this along the river bed in Sedona, Az.
23″H x 22″W  base 18″H
“Quest II”   2006
The Georgia marble base was a twin block of marble to Quest I.
I finished it in an hourglass shape but with a rough surface.
The branch of wood was given to me by Carter Miller, our landscape man at our house in Franklin, NC.